[Notice] Notice about Speed FRESEI server close and Server Transfer Event period.


Greetings Mutizens!

Speed Fresei World has been closed after Maintenance.

Server Transfer Event Period will end on April 6th, You can transfer your speed server character to Fresei server yet.

If you are not ready to transfer yet, Check out how to get your transfer ticket.

[How to Get Speed Server Transfer]

Go to Webshop Category Special event > Special 
- Purchase [Event] Speed Server Transfer for 1,990 Wcoin

2. Get Free Transfer Ticket
Go to MU Online In-game Shop(XShop) 
- Purchase [Free]Speed Server Transfer ONCE per account for FREE.

Please be aware of the setting of this Special Speed Server Event!

- You can use [Free]Speed Server Transfer item 10 minutes after your character logged out.
- You can buy Speed Server Transfer items in Shop to transfer more characters.

Thank You
MU Support Team

[Event] Speed Server Transfer Event March 16 ~ April 6

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